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    Edible Plants

    Nothing more rewarding than growing a plant and using it fresh in the kitchen! Expand your International recipes.

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    Piper nigrum Black Pepper Vines

    R 250.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Vanilla planifolia

    R 295.00 

    Ginger galangal ( Alpinia officinarum)

    R 295.00 

    Shampoo Ginger Zingiber spectabile Special 3 Plants

    R 495.00  R 585.00

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    Clitoria Pea Vine

    R 120.00 

    Shampoo ginger zingiber spectabile

    R 195.00 

    Murraya koenigii Curry Tree

    R 120.00 

    Cinnamon Trees (Cinnamomum verum)

    R 550.00 

    Tumeric Ginger

    R 65.00 

    Cacao Trees Theobroma (For Chocolate)

    R 550.00 

    Globba schomburgkii

    R 150.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Surinam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora)

    R 225.00 

    Habanero Chocolate Chilli

    R 50.00 

    Aji Pineapple Chilli

    R 50.00 

    Malabar spinach seeds

    R 40.00 

    Noni Fruit Tree Morinda citrifolia

    R 350.00 

    Spekboom Portulacaria afra

    R 50.00 

    Catnip live herb

    R 95.00 

    Professional Services

    We pride ourselves on deliviering a professional service to every customer.

    Quality Products

    We will will only ship healthy premium specimins.

    Aftersales Support

    We are always here to assist with the best advice for your new flowers/ plants.