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    " Monkey Tail " Cleistocactus colademonpho

    R 325.00  R 650.00

    Achimenes longiflora (Cupids Bow)

    R 65.00 

    Aechmea calyculata

    R 120.00 

    Aechmea cylindrata blue

    R 50.00  R 95.00

    Aechmea gasmosepala Lucky stripe Matchsticks (Blue & pink flowers ) variegated leaves

    R 65.00 

    Aeranthes ramosa

    R 150.00 

    Agalonema Maria

    R 120.00 

    Aglaomorpha drynariodes

    R 325.00 

    Aji Pineapple Chilli

    R 50.00 

    Albuca bracteata. Pregnant onion

    R 50.00 

    Alocasia Amazonia bambino

    R 150.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Alocasia Black Velvet

    R 365.00 

    Alocasia clypeolata (B)

    R 425.00 

    Alocasia Macrorrhiza Giant Taro

    R 295.00 

    Alocasia macrorrhiza Variegata

    R 250.00 

    Aloe vera

    R 75.00 

    Alpinia vittata (Variegated)

    R 250.00 

    Alpinia zerumbet 'Green Shell Ginger'

    R 120.00 

    Alpinia zerumbet variegata "Variegated Shell Ginger"

    R 250.00 

    Ananas ananassoides var. nanus (Pigmy Pineapple)

    R 295.00 

    Ananas comosus var. variegatus variegated pineapple

    R 395.00 

    Anthurium compact

    R 350.00 

    Anthurium cordatum

    R 150.00 

    Anthurium hookeri Seedling

    R 150.00 

    Anthurium huegelii Seedling

    R 150.00 

    Anthurium Lilac

    R 175.00  R 225.00

    Anthurium peach smaller type

    R 140.00 

    Anthurium pigs tail rothchildianum marble chip

    R 160.00 

    Anthurium plowmanii

    R 195.00 

    Anthurium polydactylum

    R 625.00  R 800.00

    Anthurium red

    R 140.00 

    Anthurium tangerine small type

    R 140.00 

    Anthurium veitchii

    R 600.00  R 700.00

    Anthurium vittarifolium Seedling

    R 160.00 

    Aristolochia Galeata Odessa Nova

    R 250.00 

    Aristolochia grandeflora (Pelican Creeper)

    R 150.00 

    Aspidestra Green cast iron plant

    R 100.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Rawhide' Varigated cast iron plant

    R 120.00 

    Aspidistra sichuanensis Spotted Cast Iron Plant

    R 95.00  R 150.00

    Australian Tree Fern

    R 50.00 

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