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    Bromeliad (Match Stick) Aechmea gamosepala Pink & Blue x2 plain green leaves

    R 50.00  R 120.00

    Aechmea gasmosepala Lucky stripe Matchsticks (Blue & pink flowers ) variegated leaves

    R 65.00 

    Aechmea cylindrata blue

    R 50.00  R 95.00

    Orthophytum glabrum

    R 60.00 

    Bromeliad Pink Pineapple Annas bracteatus

    R 95.00 

    Bromeliad canistropsis burchellii

    R 50.00  R 95.00

    Bromeliad Pinguin (Devil Bromeliad)

    R 100.00 

    watch_later Sold Out

    Bromeliad Aechemea spectabillis

    R 150.00 

    Aechmea calyculata

    R 120.00 

    Bromeliad Plutonis cv Von Neoregelia Concentrica

    R 50.00 

    Bromeliad billbergia nutans "Queens Tears"

    R 95.00 

    Cryptanthus Bivittatus x 2

    R 60.00 

    Orthophytum gurkenii

    R 95.00 

    Billbergia amoena var.Rubra

    R 50.00  R 95.00

    Bromeliad Bilbergia piramidalis 5 plants

    R 100.00  R 250.00

    Bromeliad Vriesea Shanon

    R 95.00  R 145.00

    Bromeliad Aechmea recurvata var. Benrathii

    R 60.00  R 120.00

    Bromeliad Vriesea Ospinae

    R 95.00 

    Bromeliad vriesa incurvata

    R 120.00 

    Bromeliad Neoregelia Compacta for 2 plants

    R 65.00 

    Bromeliad (Match Stick) Aechmea gamosepala Orange & Lime Green x2

    R 50.00  R 120.00

    Ananas ananassoides var. nanus (Pigmy Pineapple)

    R 295.00 

    Cryptathus acaulis

    R 75.00 

    Bromeliad Nidularium innocentii var lineatum

    R 150.00 

    Bromeliad Neoregelia Aztek x Fireball

    R 120.00  R 165.00

    Bromeliad Vriesea Hybrid Golden Yellow

    R 150.00 

    Bromeliads Neoregelia Hojo Rojo

    R 65.00 

    Bromeliad Quesnelia arvensis

    R 195.00 

    Bromeliad Nidularium_procerum

    R 95.00 

    Bromeliad Aechmea royal wine

    R 120.00 

    Mix of 5 types of bromeliads for sale 2 per type

    R 395.00 

    Bromeliad guzmania monostachia

    R 350.00 

    Bromeliad Neoregelia Stars and stripes

    R 120.00 

    Bromeliad Neoregelia Bossa Nova

    R 120.00  R 195.00

    Bromeliad guzmania mini red

    R 150.00  R 195.00

    Bromeliad Neoregelia roseo-lineata

    R 75.00 

    Bromeliad Canistrum aurantiacum

    R 195.00 

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